The Company

At Menagerie, we focus on supporting small-batch, local, and natural brands, and with that dedication in mind, the store concept has taken root in the community as a place to discover independent personal care products through maker stories and ingredient awareness. All of the goods we carry are made by us and small businesses, many of them from the Portland community, and folks who have a thoughtful process and inspiring commitment to using only healthy ingredients.

Our growth strategy has been simple: 1. connect with like-minded influencers & business owners to promote, 2. build a strong social community to engage, 3. support ingredient-focused makers, and 4. educate customers by offering them green alternatives to conventional beauty products. With a growth rate of 38%, this strategy has been our driving force.


The Vision

Farm-to-Face – We’ll show you how. 

The old way of thinking is to buy more, waste more. Our goal at Menagerie is to show you how to pair down your beauty and shave routine, choose non-toxic, quality, conscious products over chemical, and be there to support your inner commitment to overall wellness. 


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The Brands

Each independent brand we carry has a story that’s worth sharing. 

Some conventional beauty companies hide their processes behind big names and anonymous claims. Conversely, the makers we work with at Menagerie are real people, with meaningful stories as to why they choose green, and each have deep commitment to changing the big, chemically toxic personal care industry one small-batch product at a time. 

We love them for that and so does our community of shoppers. 

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With our skin being our biggest organ, what we put on our body is just as important as what we put in it.
— Menagerie

Love + Press


Social Community

Our social community is over 10k strong and growing daily.

We approach our social space in a genuine, knowledgeable, supportive way, encouraging personal beauty growth. Our strong following is due to strategic collaboration with beauty bloggers and health industry leaders, makers, small business owners, as well as conversations with those just stepping for the first time into the green beauty space.

Our social engagement has been most successful on Instagram, Pinterest, Email outreach & Facebook platforms.

Our Instagram

Visual Focus: Lush, green, with shadows for depth, contrast of black, white, light, and wood.


Strategic Creative Content

Building content with the brand story in mind has helped the company reach customers through email marketing & maker stories. I created all of the campaign strategies, writing, photography, and graphics.


What's Next

In 2017, we will be closing our quaint little Airstream storefront to focus on the next chapter of business. 

Because the intent has always been to connect green beauty makers with customers who care, our plan is to offer a wider range of targeted social content, additional relevant products, and small business services to better help both sides of the health-first community. And by moving to an online-only marketplace, it will allow us room to scale and reach a larger audience.

Stay tuned for more!